Online Gambling in California?

It seems that the Pauma Band of Mission Indians has launched their own online gambling site, and some are wondering exactly how that works. With the passing of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, online gambling is illegal, right?

Well, it would seem not necessarily so. The Pauma Band is offering free play on video slot machines, table games and card games and since the online gambling is free, they say it should be legal. But both pro and anti online gambling sides are taking sides regarding the site.

The online gambling site, according to the tribe is simply a marketing tool. They say that it is offering fee play which players can earn credits. These credits can then be redeemed at their land based casino. Players can also get cards at the land casino that they can use at the online casino and then use those credits at the land casino.

They say that they are simply trying to bring in business to their land based casino, but others are not as excited about that possibility, nor do they think that this is what they are doing. As state regulators have not yet said whether the site is legal or not, it is hard to say where they stand.

However, anti online gambling groups say that it is clearly a violation of federal law, and that it is online gambling. They say that since you are earning credits and you can use those credits in the land based casino, you are participating in online gambling. They want the site shut down for the lack of licensing and violation of the law.

Pro online gambling groups say that the site should be legal. They say that as you aren`t winning or losing money online, it is not actually online gambling. They say that you play for free, so there is no risk involved for the player.

The iMEGA team is looking pretty good these days. The group has been fighting for the rights of online gambling since the passage of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, and they think they are starting to see some headway. The addition of a top attorney to their lineup certainly doesn’t hurt.

The legal team that has been working on the group’s challenge to the UIGEA has now seen the addition of Stephen A. Saltzburg to their fight. The professor of law at Georgetown University has been working with the team in their fight for online gambling. Saltzburg is helping them prepare for their case at the US 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals.

The team is very excited by the addition as they know that Saltzburg will help them make a much stronger team. They want the heavyweight helping them when they go up against the US Department of Justice. He is joining lead counsel Eric M. Bernstein who is a powerhouse in his own right.

Bernstein is a noted First Amendment and Internet Law Attorney, and he has been working side by side with Edward Leyden, who is their chief counsel. The iMEGA team says that they have always felt as though they had a strong legal team and defense already, but the addition of Saltzburg makes them that much stronger.

The beauty of it is that Saltzburg has experience in these dealings as he is the former deputy assistant attorney general in the Criminal Division of the U.S. Department of Justice. He has held several governmental positions and is well versed in the law. Their team is seemingly unbeatable in the fight for online gambling.