Why Sleep When There’s Coffee-WSOP 2018

Look at that kiss Volkswagen Beetle, that’s crazy What it’s that true I got up early today. I woke up at 5:00. I got up at 5:14 it is now seven 55 Or 56 and I am getting up out up here I could have gone a little bit earlier, but I did some stuff and now oh shit, I forgot to do this and Now it’s time to get the hell out of here.

And what look at that the phone just hit a hundred percent That is great timing. Thank you phone Hey, it’s Father’s Day yo happy Father’s Day to all the fathers out there For real what else is happening? You know what? I’m thinking today? I’m not really sure yet.

I’m gonna see how I feel when I get there but The bacon was 47 65. I’m Up enough that if I play six to 75 and bust them all. I’ll just be even The question is do I want to do I want to chance that.

I mean if I play six? 175 right and Bust them I’m still only going to be up 600 So what’s the difference? I just have a feeling that maybe 275 s is a way to go today I could go right the door by 6 275 tickets and Roll.

All right, we’re gonna do something different for breakfast this morning it very different All right. I didn’t have this in mind when I pulled up to the Carl’s jr. Drive-through. I Didn’t have this in mind, but she said it she’s like would you like to try up?

And I was like, hmm Yeah, let me try it. We’ll check this out Breakfast burger what? Breakfast burger. I think it’s a burger with eggs and bacon and Shit on it I’m not really sure what all is on it. I didn’t even check. I actually think I saw ketchup on it on the picture I don’t know.

We’ll figure it out. It’s probably gonna be good. I bet maybe Look at this damn breakfast burger, it’s got freakin hashbrowns on it. It’s got ketchup and eggs and bacon and shit Damn breakfast burger I’m just gonna tell you straight up breakfast burger at Carl’s jr damn good damn, good burger for breakfast with eggs and bacon and hash browns and ketchup Yo underneath the in the shade and the parking garage there’s a cool breeze coming through really nice The risk that it would be cool all the time I don’t like the heat trooper what you’re doing in Vegas in the desert if you don’t like the heat I mean because this is where they live agus.

You know what I mean? I Wish Vegas was 800 miles north something. I don’t know how many miles whatever whatever that would affect the tourism I Have a feeling that people would come to Vegas no matter where Vegas was located, you know what I mean like those cold hot wet Dry All right, I have 175 ticket in my pocket That’s the only ticket I have left. I also have Open bitch What if I what if I needed you to opened damn things? I also have fine Lammers in my pocket Yo, if you’re playing anything that costs more than $500 $500 or more If you don’t mind swing through the single area and buy my lammers like every day taking a coffee right now That’s something else that’s another decision too many decisions to make You know Zoltar listen I know you want money, but maybe you should shoot me a freebie am I gonna win today Solet our it is 902 in the am a Fad I’ve literally seen eight of those little rascal scooters.

Here’s another one right here they’re everywhere because the Seniors events is going on I mean, you know, I feel poor. I hope I’m never on one of those but they’re everywhere. It’s kind of strange seen so many All right, so I think the super seniors us today, I don’t know what that means I think it’s intended for people who are 60 and above. I could be wrong. I’m gonna make a walk to Starbucks There’s a lot of people walking in the hallways this trip to Starbucks may not work out Yeah, that’s definitely not going to work out look at this frigging line So long ass walk to Starbucks, especially to not get anything But it’s not going to hurt me to walk. I can probably stand to get a few steps in So we are off to a very Very rough start today in the second hand of the very first game.

I played a guy raised from this like 500 chip stack and The cutoff went all in Would a full snack and I went all in from the small blind with a scheme And I was up against nines on the little stack and ace queen In the bigger stack and the Queen at the river That was the first game two hands in the second hand And then a whole bunch of horrible shit ensued after that. So now I’m taking a walk before Getting into another game the second game. I played was the 275 and I got it in with puck and AIDS and I shouldn’t have and then the third game I actually had about 4,000 chips were three handed The guy on my right has about 5,000 chips. The other thousand is in the other stack and I raised preflop with pocket queens The big stack called the flop was queen Five deuce or something like that He checked and I checked turn was an ace of spades it put a flush on the board, but we’re three handed Long story short, we got it all in he had 8 deuce of spades No pair on the river. I mean we’re talking about I would have 8,000 chips So third in that one, then I get into another one just now and I go out forth All the way up to 150 300 that one four handed Nothing I mean The only thing that super disheartening is having that many chips for the set of Queens.